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After Cohen Revelation, Trump Gets Told He’s “the biggest traitor in the history of this country…He’s a criminal and he’s gotta go. Resign or impeach”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, was feeling the heat. You could see in her face and body language during the daily press briefing that she knew the end was coming, or at least that things were about to get much, much worse for her and her boss, unindicted co-conspirator Donald Trump.

Since Trump was implicated in election fraud crimes by his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, the mood around the White House has been undoubtedly dreary.

While halfheartedly defending Trump, Sanders claimed that any accusations of lying or other wrong-doing on Trump’s part were ridiculous and that the President hasn’t done anything wrong.

“As the President has said and we’ve stated many times, he did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him and we’ve commented on it extensively,” Sanders said. “Just because Michael Cohen made a plea deal, doesn’t implicate the President on anything.”

Sanders wouldn’t answer additional questions about what Trump knew about the payments and when he knew it.

Asked whether the President has lied to the American people, Sanders called the accusation “ridiculous.”

“I think that’s a ridiculous accusation. The President, in this matter, has done nothing wrong and there have been no charges filed against him,” she said.

Others think that yes, the President has done something(s) wrong. Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition says:

“Mark my words: @realDonaldTrump will go down as the biggest traitor in the history of this country. Because he is. He helped Russia attack America. In addition, he is an unindicted co-conspirator in election fraud crimes. He’s a criminal and he’s gotta go. Resign or impeach.”

If Michael Cohen is telling the truth, then Trump very much did something wrong, and may find himself next to Sarah Sanders in the unemployment line soon.

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