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Bob Mueller Makes Move on Trump Adviser, Called “an absolute disaster for Trump and his associates”

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Bob Mueller Makes Move on Trump Adviser, Called “an absolute disaster for Trump and his associates”

George Papadopoulos is the former Trump advisor that President Trump claims he didn’t know despite photographs of them together and he was also one of the first indictments in the Robert Mueller Trump/Russia probe.

Mueller is now moving into the sentencing stage of Papadopoulos’ involvement according to a court filing from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, which may be a signal that his investigation is getting close to completion.

A federal judge is asked in the filing to start the process of preparing a pre-sentencing report for the former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser.

What’s that mean for Trump and others involved?

The pre-sentencing move suggests that a sentencing for Papadopoulos may come this summer – without him having to testify at the trials of others who may have been involved in alleged collusion with Russia  in the 2016 presidential election. At this time, no one else faces such charges.

“It means they’re pretty much done with him, or they don’t need him testifying,” said former federal prosecutor Sol Wisenberg. “It may mean they’ve taken a look at the others in the campaign and decided they cannot charge them, or they’re going to charge them without him. … It means things are moving along.”

While some believe that the filing is a sign that prosecutors have decided that Papadopoulos’s testimony would not be useful in any future cases, there are others that see it a different way.

For instance, Scott Dworkin from the Democratic Coalition says, “Mueller team asks court to start George Papadopoulos sentence process. That means they have everything they need regarding his cooperation. This is an absolute disaster for Trump and his associates. It will only get worse for them. Much, much, much worse.”

Time will tell what actually comes of this, but things are moving along and getting closer to completion either way.

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