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Opinion: Brett Kavanaugh May Have a George W. Bush Paper Trail Problem That Could Derail His Confirmation

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Opinion: Brett Kavanaugh May Have a George W. Bush Paper Trail Problem That Could Derail His Confirmation

President Donald Trump has nominated far-right judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court seat.  Conservatives are ecstatic to take the court even more to the right, while liberals are going to fight it tooth-and-nail.

There are some potential roadblocks to Kavanaugh’s confirmation however. There could in fact be a paper trail problem.

As you know, Brett Kavanaugh worked for many years in the George W. Bush White House as Associate Counsel, which means he was well versed in virtually all legal discussions surrounding the numerous scandals during the Bush years in office, including the infamous lying about weapons of mass destruction allegations

Bill Palmer puts it this way: “How many of those issues do you think Kavanaugh weighed in on? How much of it did he put in writing, in the form of White House emails that are still archived to this day?”

More importantly, did Brett Kavanaugh try to cover, even a little bit, for the shady and/or illegal policies that comprised so much of the Bush doctrine? Maybe Kavanaugh played it safe, because he was hoping to become a federal judge and he didn’t want to disqualify himself. But if he slipped up and put something unethical in writing even just once, it would be the kind of smoking gun that could make him so scandalous, purple state Republicans in the Senate might get scared off.

One would think the Trump White House would realize this and combed through every piece of paper trail they could possibly find to make sure there was nothing that could surface on Kennedy that could derail the nomination before Trump even made the pick.

“But if we’ve learned anything, it’s that the Trump regime is not remotely competent at doing its homework. So now the Democrats have a wide open shot at obtaining those emails and finding something they can use to fight back with”, Palmer concluded.

The real question for me is, even if it could be proven that Kavanaugh was involved in corrupt and shady dealings when working for the Bush administration, would this Republican congress even care enough to do anything about it? I’m going with, no.

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