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Chief Justice asked to Intervene on Brett Kavanaugh, Numerous complaints filed

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Chief Justice asked to Intervene on Brett Kavanaugh, Numerous complaints filed

Republicans were working overtime to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court seat despite Americans demanding they do their due diligence in the sexual assault allegations against him. The scandals surrounding Kavanaugh escalated daily and the general public was clearly outraged from the beginning and demanded answers.

Now, we’ve found out that even a federal judge tried to get Chief Justice John Roberts to step in and intervene after Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony.

The Washington Post is reporting that Federal Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson received numerous formal complaints about Kavanaugh after his Senate testimony. While she described some as “frivolous”, others she thought deserved a closer look, so she referred them to Chief Justice John Roberts. Roberts didn’t do anything with them, because it would have stopped, or at least delayed, the confirmation.

Most of the complaints apparently stemmed from the testimony he gave regarding his time at the Bush White House. Although not specifically stated, it can be concluded that the complaints were that Kavanaugh perjured himself during his testimony.

This suggests that people who knew about his time in the Bush administration, his former colleagues, have likely come forward to allege that he lied under oath.

The complaints also accuse Kavanaugh of “lacking judicial temperament in his partisan comments about Democrats, the people said.”

The Democrats are trying to take over the House and possibly the Senate in the upcoming elections. If that happens, you almost be certain that subpoenas and criminal referrals will be sent out so the intel that John Roberts left unread will get the attention they think it deserves.

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