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College friend of Brett Kavanaugh comes forward with story of drunken assault

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College friend of Brett Kavanaugh comes forward with story of drunken assault

One of Brett Kavanaugh’s former college drinking buddies, Chad Ludington, has now come forward, telling Bloomberg a story that paints Kavanaugh as quite the heavy and violent drinker.

Ludington, who was a Yale basketball player at the time and is now a college professor at North Carolina State University, says that he, former NBA player Chris Dudley, Kavanaugh, and some other friends all went to a UB40 concert together in 1985.

After the show, Kavanaugh reportedly approached a random guy in a bar because he believed the guy was the lead singer from UB40. The man promptly told Kavanaugh he was mistaken, and asked the group to back off.  Apparently, a drunken Kavanaugh didn’t take too kindly to this, so he decided to curse him and throw a beer in his face in retaliation. This resulted in a brawl, and the police ended up questioning everyone involved.

Needless to say, considering the sexual assault allegations, all of which reportedly stemmed from a drunken state of mind, this makes a bad situation look even worse for Kavanaugh as it gives more legal credibility to the women’s claims.

Additionally, knowing that a police report exists for the 1985 bar incident, it makes it that much easier to tie assault to Kavanaugh’s name.

It also sheds light on the possibility that that Kavanaugh lied under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his drinking habits. This is a really big deal considering the actions Jeff Flake has taken in order to remove restrictions that Donald Trump had placed regarding who the FBI could and couldn’t interview. According to Flake, if the FBI investigation finds that Kavanaugh lied to the Senate, it will sink the nomination.

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