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Democrats go public with incriminating documents on Brett Kavanaugh, Allegedly committed felony perjury

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Democrats go public with incriminating documents on Brett Kavanaugh, Allegedly committed felony perjury

So far, it seems the Senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have produced nothing but controversy and drama.

Whether it was Democratic Senator Cory Booker releasing emails that allegedly expose Kavanaugh’s extreme questionable character, GOP Senator John Cornyn’s subsequent threat of expelling Booker, or the revelation of Kavanaugh’s alleged gambling problem, the whole process has been a complete circus act.

Unfortunately, the act didn’t stop there either, as it appears Democrats have most recently attacked Kavanaugh for lying under oath in 2006.

On Tuesday, Senator Dick Durbin tweeted the following: “We continue to find more evidence that Judge Kavanaugh misled me and the Judiciary Committee under oath. I’m posting important documents that Senate Republicans didn’t want the American people to see. We deserve transparency about this nominee.”

“In 2006, I asked Judge Kavanaugh about his role in the 4th Circuit nomination of Jim Haynes – a key figure in crafting the Bush White House detention & interrogation policies. Under oath, he said, ‘I’ve—I know Jim Haynes, but it was not one of the nominations that I handled,’” he continued.

Durbin then posted the emails in question, adding, “However, these emails from 2002 and 2003 show that then-Associate White House Counsel Brett Kavanaugh played a substantial role in the decision to nominate Haynes, including examining whether Haynes ‘would be an across-the-board judicial conservative.’”

Durbin also went on to add that “This is a theme that we see emerge with Judge Kavanaugh time and time again – he says one thing under oath, and then the documents tell a different story. It is no wonder the White House and Senate Republicans are rushing through this nomination and hiding his record.”

Lying under oath is also known as perjury, which is a felony you typically serve time in prison for. Regardless of how the confirmation hearings play out moving forward, this could be a game-changer in the end. Even if Kavanaugh is confirmed, the prospect of impeachment is very real if he’s truly this vile and connected to multiple felonies.

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