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Dianne Feinstein goes after Don McGahn in Kavanaugh FBI investigation

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Dianne Feinstein goes after Don McGahn in Kavanaugh FBI investigation

With all of the reports circulating about the limited scope of the new FBI investigation into the Brett Kavanaugh allegations, it’s been difficult to discern exactly what the bureau is investigating. As a result, Senator Diane Feinstein, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is now using her influence to seek clarity from Don McGahn and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Sunday, in a letter addressed to both gentlemen, Dianne Feinstein demanded a copy of the written directive that the White House gave the FBI regarding the Brett Kavanaugh investigation:

Technically speaking, only Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has the subpoena power to enforce this, and it should be noted that he did not co-sign the letter. Nevertheless, even without his signature on the letter, it’s possible that Feinstein, just through simple submission, may have compelled at least one of the two men to adhere to her request. And that man: FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Given what we know about Wray, there at least some reasons to expect that he is willing to comply. Although he was appointed by Trump, he’s yet to show a willingness to do Donald Trump’s bidding in the Trump-Russia investigation despite ample opportunity to do so. Therefore, if nothing more than for the sake of propriety, he may decide to turn the letter over to Feinstein. Don McGahn, on the other hand, will likely decide to ignore the letter knowing that Feinstein doesn’t have subpoena power.

As the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh proceeds, and as more conflicting and confusing reports continue to surface pertaining to it, this push by Feinstein is worth keeping an eye on.

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