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Donald Trump Jr. Indictment Talk Gets Hot: “They don’t have silver spoons or golden toilets in the joint”

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Donald Trump Jr. Indictment Talk Gets Hot: “They don’t have silver spoons or golden toilets in the joint”

Based on recent exchanges via Twitter and a rather interesting proposition, it’s safe to say that Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing adult film star Stormy Daniels, and Donald Trump Jr. aren’t the best of friends.

Avenatti just kicked things up a notch in their ongoing feud, boldly predicting the timeframe of when Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted.

“Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted before his birthday on 12-31-18,” Avenatti claimed. He also made a similar claim a couple days prior during a spat, suggesting that Donald Trump Jr. will soon “be indicted” on federal charges.

What’s particularly interesting about these claims is that Avenatti isn’t basing them off of secret information he has obtained. Considering he spent months going after Michael Cohen, gaining access to everything Cohen knew about the various antics of the Trump family before Cohen cut a plea deal and began cooperating with prosecutors, he’s simply relying on his own legal expertise and familiarity with the case. And given everything that Avenatti predicted and published about Cohen’s tax fraud and campaign finance violations, it truly is hard to deny his track record.

Given that New York State has had ample time to investigate and build potential cases against Donald Trump and the members of his family who have worked for the Trump Organization, and the fact that it now has cooperation from Michael Cohen, Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, and National Enquirer boss David Pecker, things appear to be lining up for Avenatti’s prediction. If those criminal cases are ready by or before the end of the year, then it isn’t unreasonable to believe that Donald Trump Jr. could in fact be indicted on state level charges somewhere along the way.

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