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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford backs into a way to get the FBI investigation started

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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford backs into a way to get the FBI investigation started

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has asked the FBI to investigate Brett Kavanaugh now that the Senate Judiciary Committee delayed their vote. Republicans have pushed back on her request, as they know it could turn out disastrous for the prospect of Kavanaugh getting confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Media outlets have been predicting different scenarios and outcomes as more intel has come out over the last several days. Some have been concerned that the Republicans will refuse to have the FBI investigate, Ford will refuse to testify and the Republicans will confirm Kavanaugh. This is the least likely of all scenarios at this point. The GOP is clearly fearful of the strength Ford has already shown.

Despite their push for Monday, Ford has agreed to testify later next week for the committee but she’s seeking “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety.” These latest communications explained how she’s reported death threats against her to the FBI. This could be a game changer because it would give the FBI jurisdiction without having to go through the GOP or the White House.

The FBI could use the death threats as a way to investigate the attempted rape as well. If they do begin investigating Kavanaugh, it doesn’t look good for his nomination.

An investigation could lead to them proving the attempted rape, lying to the FBI or even perjury. It would allow them to dive into all of his past behaviors and alleged crimes. This potential FBI investigation is the last thing the GOP wanted, but it’s looking more and more likely.

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