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Exclusive secret audio tapes released, Creates big problem for Trump

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Exclusive secret audio tapes released, Creates big problem for Trump

The Rachel Maddow Show aired exclusive, secret audio tapes it had obtained of rogue Republican Congressman Devin Nunes candidly admitting a pretty damning thing while at a private fundraiser in Spokane, WA.

The audio was reportedly obtained from a member of the “Fuse Washington” progressive group who paid $250 to attend the event, which was being held for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash).

During a particular clip, Nunes can be heard admitting that if a campaign received and helped facilitate the distribution of stolen emails, it would be considered a crime.

“But ultimately let’s say the Portuguese came and brought her some stolen emails. And she decided to release those. OK, now we have a problem, right?” Nunes said. “Because somebody stole the emails, gave them to Cathy, Cathy released them. Well, if that’s the case, then that’s criminal.”

While he is correct, the problem is — in an ironic, roundabout way — this criminal act is exactly what President Donald Trump publicly (and perhaps inadvertently) admitted his son, Donald Trump Jr., may have done while meeting with Russians to “get information” on Clinton. And somehow, he insisted it was a “totally legal” thing to do.

By doing so, it looks Team Trump may have been planning a defense — even if only in the court of public opinion — around the notion that conspiring with a foreign enemy to alter the outcome of an election is nothing more than politics. However, little did he know that the Devin Nunes audio tapes existed and may have blown that plan up altogether.

Needless to say, whether Donald Trump Jr. received the stolen emails from the Russians or not remains to be proven. But legally speaking, if he did, it’s a criminal conspiracy even if the goal of that conspiracy was never achieved.

You can listen to the clip of the audio here:

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