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Former Employee of State Dept. Comes Forward to Accuse Brett Kavanaugh

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Former Employee of State Dept. Comes Forward to Accuse Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh now faces three different women who have accused him of sexual assault. There’s even a possibility of a fourth accuser, although the details of that are still unclear. Two of the women have come forward publicly and we expect the third alleged victim to become public this week.

Michael Avenatti is representing the third victim and we’ve already learned that she is a former employee of the State Department and the U.S. Mint. She is accusing Kavanaugh of participating in multiple gang rapes, in which Avenatti says he already has witnesses who can corroborate her story.

This woman has multiple security clearances and already passed several background checks by the Feds on her career path. There are those who argue that Kavanaugh has passed background checks, so he should be believed. However, one of the accusers is now known to be a state employee and has undergone background checks herself, which hurts the argument for Kavanaugh.

Deborah Ramirez’s accusation already caused Susan Collins, one of the potential swing votes, to call for a delay in the vote to ensure each victim gets a chance to testify. Once the third victim comes forward, she may be called to testify just the same. This will of course delay the vote even further.

The entire nomination has become a giant stain on the Republicans due to the court of public opinion and they have no choice but to comply to these requests or risk political suicide for not handling it properly.

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