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Girl from Mark Judge’s past comes forward to talk about what she knows

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Girl from Mark Judge’s past comes forward to talk about what she knows

The saga of the confirmation of Donald Trump’s recent Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh keeps getting murkier by the day.  Amid 5 allegations of sexual assault from Kavanaugh’s past, many, mostly Democrats, are calling for the FBI to investigate the claims before he is confirmed.  Republicans in the Senate seem to be trying to push the confirmation quicker.

One of the key players in the case is Kavanaugh’s old friend Mark Judge, and now his girlfriend is willing to testify about the sexual exploits of the men’s past.  As this Greg Sargent explains, that could either hurt or help Kavanaugh tremendously: (Twitter thread below)

“SCOOP Mark Judge’s girlfriend is prepared to speak to FBI about what Judge told her about group sex episodes as part of a renewed background check investigation, her lawyer has informed the Judiciary Committee. I’ve obtained the letter to the committee:

2) It’s important to note that the letter only says that Rasor is willing to talk to the FBI about the episode that she discussed with @RonanFarrow and @JaneMayerNYer. This one doesn’t implicate Kavanaugh. In the letter, Rasor confirms accuracy of New Yorker quotes.

3) However, new claims from @MichaelAvenatti’s client ups stakes for what Rasor might say, b/c Julia Swetnick claims Judge and Kavanaugh participated in similar episodes. This could either help Kavanaugh (if Rasor doesn’t confirm Judge discussed *those* episodes) or hurt him.

4) Ultimately, this *should* increase pressure on Rs to either call for a reopened FBI background check or bring Rasor — and Mark Judge! — in to testify.”

You can read the entire report here.

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