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Jim Jordan Hit with Resignation Demands After University Lawyers Reveal Paper Trail

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Jim Jordan Hit with Resignation Demands After University Lawyers Reveal Paper Trail

According to recent breaking news, it appears Republican Congressman Jim Jordan has quite a sexual abuse scandal on his hands, but he’s denied all allegations thus far.

The scandal dates back to his days as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University when a team doctor was sexually abusing his athletes. Allegedly, Jordan was made aware the abuse was occurring at the time, but failed to do anything about it, thereby allowing it to continue.

As troubling as that is, if what lawyers for the university are now saying in response to the news is true, it’s about to get much worse for Jordan.

Congressman Jordan of course asserted that he had no knowledge that his players were being abused at the time. However, this was contradicted by major media reports indicating that multiple former members of the team claimed otherwise.

In fact, some claimed they even informed him directly. And now, according to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, attorneys representing Ohio State University have come forward, saying that they contacted Jordan via phone and email while the scandal was being investigated internally. They even asked him to come in for an interview:

A written statement from Porter Wright Morris & Arthur attorney Kathleen Trafford, provided by the university, said investigators had previously contacted Jordan’s office by email and phone to request an interview.

“To date, Rep. Jordan has not responded to those requests, but we understand from public statements issued on his behalf today that Rep. Jordan is willing to talk to the investigative team,” Trafford said.

Nevertheless, it’s those emails that could prove to be the most damaging for Jordan in all of this. If Ohio State produces the records of the emails, even if he tries to argue that he didn’t read all of his emails, particularly those that he received from his employer’s legal department, it’ll be incredibly difficult for him prove that he didn’t know about the scandal.

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition has ramped up resignation cries across America, with countless Americans echoing his thoughts:

While it’s not clear at this time what kind of criminal liability Jordan would face if it can be proven he had knowledge of the abuse and did nothing to intervene, the emails from the university will prove immediate guilt in the court of public opinion. Regardless, this isn’t a good look for Jordan. And if it continues getting uglier for Jordan, he may have no choice but to resign from his congressional post.

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