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Legal Action Launched Against Kavanaugh “for perjury because of his lies to the Senate Judiciary Committee”

Senator Patrick Leahy (D. VT) has been pushing rather hard to prove that Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is guilty of perjury before congressional committee.

According to Salon, Leahy, “who was on the Senate judiciary committee back in the mid-2000s, asked Kavanaugh if he was involved in the stolen email scandal while he worked in the Bush White House in the early 2000s. Kavanaugh said he was unaware that emails were stolen at the time, and insisted that if he did know, he would would have blown the whistle on his colleagues. Fast forward to 2018, Leahy, still on the Senate judiciary committee, introduced new evidence that suggested Kavanaugh handled emails that were stolen during that time period.

Those who wish to bring down Kavanaugh’s nomination say that these new, unearthed emails demonstrate that the judge perjured himself during the past hearings.”

A liberal group called the Democratic Coalition, led by Scott Dworkin and John Cooper, has decided to launch a criminal complaint and probe against Kavanaugh:

You can view the entire complaint here:

The Coalition has also tapped a very interesting and slightly ironic source for help in their efforts: Judge Merrick Garland, the Obama nominee to the Supreme Court that the GOP led congress refused to even hold hearings for.

If anything comes of these allegations, it looks like Garland will have a role in filling a Supreme Court seat after all.

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