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Legal Scholar Puts Together Evidence of “Trump committing a federal crime”

President Donald Trump has a growing list of alleged crimes ranging from Obstruction of Justice to Perjury to Colluding with a hostile foreign power that could eventually land his Presidency in some serious jeopardy, or are already in the process of landing his Presidency in some hot water.

One possible crime that hasn’t been talked about as much as some of the others is the fact that when Trump received his first Security Briefing in August of 2016, he would’ve been asked about information he had about Russian interference into the elections, of which he had some and did not report. That amounts to lying to the CIA/FBI on matters of National Security.

Seth Abramson explains on this brief Twitter thread:

2/ I’d bet a steak dinner whoever in the intelligence community has notes from that briefing—if there were any—or simply any person who *attended* that briefing has either documentary or testimonial evidence of Trump committing a federal crime to hide his campaign’s Russia ties.

3/ MARCH 2016: Trump learns directly from Papadopoulos that Papadopoulos is a Kremlin intermediary. SPRING 2016: Trump learns from others (though he already knew) that Russia supports his campaign. JUNE 2016: Russian hacking becomes public. AUGUST 2016: Trump lies to the CIA/FBI.

Trump lies about almost everything, so this isn’t terribly shocking news. But it could be legally damaging nonetheless if Robert Mueller has put it together.  And if we’re putting it together, surely Mueller is way ahead of us.

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