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Longtime Trump Associate: “Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and Congress leave him no choice”

Tony Schwartz, Trump’s former ghostwriter for Trump’s book “Art of The Deal”, said long ago that Trump is laying the groundwork for his resignation. Schwartz said, “The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and congress leave him no choice.”

Schwartz has large amount of time with Trump while writing for him over recent years. He probably understands Trump’s headspace better than anyone, so his assessment of the situation can be given a considerable amount of weight. Turns out, he just may be right.

Trump does A LOT of victory speeches, almost on a daily basis. He hops on Twitter and pounds his chest about all he’s been able to do for America.

Then came another clue from Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, saying that Donald is “exhausted” and that he misses his “old life.”

This is the revealing comment made by Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana:

Trump took to Twitter no too long ago to say: “Since the first day I took office, all you hear is the phony Democrat excuse for losing the election, Russia, Russia, Russia. Despite this I have the economy booming and have possibly done more than any 10 month President. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Trump has spent an entire year ignoring the Russia scandal altogether, but now he’s talking about it, calling it “Phony” and declaring victory, pointing out what he’s been able to accomplish.

Sounds EXACTLY like what Tony Schwartz predicted back in August 2017, doesn’t it?

Trump thinks he can take credit for the economy and the stock market that were set into motion by President Obama, and imaginary jobs that he claims to have created, so in Trump’s mind, he can claim that he has had a successful year and ride off into the sunset as a success.

While no one else would see it that way, Trump’s clearly comfortable believing what he wants despite the reality that everyone else sees.

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