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Michael Cohen takes another swipe at Trump with a call for public action

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Michael Cohen takes another swipe at Trump with a call for public action

Michael Cohen has already named Donald Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator and is working with federal and state prosecutors in the investigation in a clear effort to take down the President.

Cohen also let it be known that he switched his voter registration back to Democrat, which is a clear indicator of what he hopes to see happen in November. Cohen is working overtime to try to defeat Trump in as many ways as possible.

Just this week Cohen tweeted “The #MidtermElections2018 might be the most important vote in our lifetime.”

He wants the Dems to take control of Congress and make Donald Trump answer for his actions and crimes. On top of this, Palmer Report quoted his tweet and added “Well… you heard the man.” Cohen then retweeted Palmer Report. This news outlet is known for taking a harsh stance against Trump, so for Cohen to be endorsing it, he’s sending a clear message.

Recent reports suggest Cohen is also working with New York State authorities who have the power to criminally prosecute Trump’s children and Trump organization officials. Michael Cohen is staring at his own prison sentence and, in an effort to minimize his sentence, he is going to give up every last person he can in exchange for leniency.

Only time will tell who he’s going to end up taking down first.

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