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Mueller has a new star witness against Trump, Trump’s one-word response to the news is telling

Last year, when Donald Trump hired Ty Cobb as a defense attorney to aid in the Trump-Russia scandal, a lot of eyebrows were raised, particularly when he put him on the White House payroll, which allowed him to avoid paying him out of pocket.

It seemed rather farcical at the time, and…well…unfortunately for Trump, the more Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation drags out, the more it appears he’s paying dearly for that decision.

First of all, adding him to the White House payroll just to save a buck was a huge mistake, because it likely means attorney-client privilege doesn’t exist between Trump and Cobb. And not to pile on here, but can you imagine all the things that the blissfully unaware Trump told Cobb about his scandals without realizing he would one day have to testify about them?

Second of all, as Bob Woodward’s book reveals, according to Trump’s criminal defense attorney John Dowd, Ty Cobb wasn’t really representing Donald Trump late in his tenure. This all but confirms that attorney-client privilege didn’t exist. When Trump discovered this, his response was “Jesus.” Nothing more, nothing less…which actually says a lot when you think about it. And you can safely bet Robert Mueller realizes this, too, which more than likely makes Ty Cobb is his new star witness in the investigation.

Needless to say, I can’t imagine Cobb is willing to protect Trump and face prison time for doing so. If I’m wrong (I’m probably not), then I’ll have to muster up a “Jesus” response of my own. If Mueller brings him in (if he hasn’t already), then this means Trump’s plan to save money on Cobb would have backfired in truly epic (and rather hilarious) fashion.

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