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Multiple witnesses come forward on Trump with fraud allegations

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Multiple witnesses come forward on Trump with fraud allegations

President Donald Trump is under constant fire, no doubt about that. He’s been called a con man, a tax cheat, and has even been accused of conning his way to the White House.

Now a new lawsuit has emerge against Trump and members of his family accusing them of scamming people into investing in sham business opportunities.

A lawsuit was filed in federal court in Manhattan, causing many to wonder if its timing is politically motivated given the fact that midterm elections are just days away. The underwriter is a nonprofit whose chairman has been a donor to Democratic candidates.

The new allegations are taking aim at aim at Trump’s personal narrative that he is a successful deal-maker who built a durable business, charging he and his family lent their name to a series of scams.

The New York Times reports, “The 160-page complaint alleges that Mr. Trump and his family received secret payments from three business entities in exchange for promoting them as legitimate opportunities, when in reality they were get-rich-quick schemes that harmed investors, many of whom were unsophisticated and struggling financially.”

The businesses in question are ACN, a telecommunications marketing company that paid Trump millions of dollars to endorse its products; the Trump Network, a vitamin marketing enterprise; and the Trump Institute, which the suit said offered “extravagantly priced multiday training seminars” on Mr. Trump’s real estate “secrets.”

There are four plaintiffs involved, identified using pseudonyms, describe the Trump Organization as a racketeering enterprise that defrauded thousands of people for many years as Trump transitioned to licensing his name for profit. Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump are also named in the suit.

A Trump lawyer responded by claiming that the suit is completely without merit and these events are from “Decades ago,” which doesn’t exactly sound like a denial.

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