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New Plea Deal Chatter with Key Witness Has Washington Scrambling

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New Plea Deal Chatter with Key Witness Has Washington Scrambling

On Friday during his sentencing hearing, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos accused Donald Trump of felony obstruction of justice. As a result, the judge showed leniency by handing him a 14-day prison sentence rather than the six months that had been recommended.

Well, it appears as if others have taken notice, as Paul Manafort is reportedly now looking to negotiate a new plea deal in hopes for much lighter sentence of his own.

Although it was widely reported that Manafort had already approached Special Counsel Robert Mueller about a plea deal during his first trial, at the time, it seemed Mueller wasn’t too keen on allowing him the leniency he was hoping for.

However, now, with a second trial looming, it appears things could possibly change in that regard. According to a new Bloomberg report, if Manafort were to plead guilty, he “could avoid the risk of a longer prison term if he’s convicted at a second trial, as well as the threat of forfeiting several properties and financial accounts. He could also save the cost of paying lawyers to defend him at trial.”

While this new report does not indicate a new deal is a given by any means, the sheer hint of one sure is interesting nonetheless. The timing is intriguing as well, especially considering it arrived on the heels of the leniency handed down in the George Papadopoulos sentencing.

Regardless, one thing is certain: Special Counsel Robert Mueller has Paul Manafort exactly where he wants him. With eight existing felony convictions on the table and a second trial on the way, a plea deal that throws Donald Trump under the bus just may be the only thing that could save Manafort at this point.

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