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New York State takes the gloves off against Trump, where he has no pardon power

Based on the latest developing news, it appears as if New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood and other New York State tax officials are aggressively going after Donald Trump and the Trump Organization over tax fraud. And they aren’t letting Michael Cohen’s recent plea (or Allen Weisselberg’s immunity deal, for that matter) stand in their way, despite concerns of interference with a criminal investigation.

In fact, according to CNN, before the Feds proceed any further in the Cohen case, the State of New York and its tax department decided they wanted to meet with Cohen’s attorney in order to avoid taking steps that could interfere with the federal case involving his eight criminal counts:

“Federal prosecutors generally seek to complete their inquiries without the interference of other overlapping probes that could cause hiccups in their case. While Cohen has already pleaded guilty in the federal case, he has yet to be sentenced and could still seek to cooperate with the US attorney’s office. In addition, federal prosecutors are continuing to pursue a line of inquiry stemming from their Cohen investigation, according to a person familiar with the matter: whether Trump Organization executives violated campaign finance laws.”

In other words, generally speaking in criminal cases like Cohen’s, it’s usually a jurisdictional common courtesy for non-federal prosecutors to keep a safe distance from federal prosecutors and wait for the all-clear from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York before proceeding with any probes of their own. But in this instance, it appears jurisdictional courtesies are out the window.

And this news could spell disaster for Donald Trump and any his family members of close allies within the Trump Organization, particularly those with ties to the organization’s finances. If there is any trail that can connect their names to the illegal financial maneuvers, the State of New York will be able to indict and arrest them. And unfortunately for Trump, he won’t be able to pardon any of them on state level.

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