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New York’s Times Square Hangs Massive Anti-Trump Billboard

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New York’s Times Square Hangs Massive Anti-Trump Billboard

Tom Steyer sent out the following email to petition signers explaining the billboard:

If you happened to be walking around Times Square today, like countless Americans do every day, you may have noticed something:

A brand new Need To Impeach digital billboard, featuring a map and a running count of the 2.5 million Americans (and growing by the second) who have already signed the petition to impeach Donald Trump.

We launched this billboard in Times Square for a simple reason: The American people, Congress, and President Trump himself need to see the nationwide strength of our movement.

So we’re making a splash that millions of people will see — and we hope you’ll share it far and wide, so folks who aren’t walking around Times Square can see it, too.

Donald Trump continues to taunt rogue nuclear powers, attempt to cut taxes for wealthy corporations, and undermine our nation’s healthcare system. He’s a clear and present danger to the United States.

Enough is enough. Americans across the country are declaring that this president is unfit for office and must be removed.


Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer is a wealthy businessman who is funding multiple campaigns to impeach President Donald Trump. Steyer’s team has now lit up Times Square in New York City with a message for the American people.

You can see the petition here. 

And apparently the billboard is striking a chord: Over 6,000,000 people have now signed Steyers’ petition.

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