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Panic erupts in the White House due to on of Trump’s latest meltdowns

With the November midterms looming, it makes sense why the war of words between Barack Obama and Donald Trump have been heating up in recent days.

However, it appears Trump is now to the point where he is recklessly obsessing over his predecessor. So much so that one of his latest tweets became a concern to others within the White House.

In an early Monday morning tirade, Trump attempted to proclaim how great the economy is, and more importantly, how he’s more responsible for it than President Obama is. The only issue with that is that he used fake numbers in doing so.

Naturally, there was some immediate pushback from both the media and the general public. Then, a few hours later during Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ press briefing is when it became apparent that his recklessness had officially hit the fan within the White House, as others were spiraling to come to his defense.

It began when Keven Hasset, Trump’s Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, took to the podium, claiming he doesn’t know exactly how incorrect information ended up on Trump’s Twitter account. He speculated that somebody probably meant to tell him that it had been 10 years but they accidentally added an extra zero.

Then, later in the afternoon, American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp made an appearance on MSNBC and attempted to argue that Trump never lies. However, host Katy Tur wasn’t having any of that.

Regardless of what truths or lies are left in the cupboard at this point, Donald Trump is clearly obsessed over President Obama’s accomplishments. And it’s almost to the point where you have to question his mental stability.

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