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Student assaulted in classroom for wearing offensive Tee Shirt

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Student assaulted in classroom for wearing offensive Tee Shirt

A group of Maryland teenagers attacked a white classmate who was wearing a Confederate flag shirt to their school.

The fight happened at Kenwood High School in Essex, Maryland, and was recorded on a video, as it spilled out of the classroom and into a hallway, according WBFF-TV.

“The people were just randomly seeing the guy, hearing about him wearing the shirt like that, and then when they just saw him they decided to be rash about it,” said Alex Wilkinson, a student who was in the next room.

A school parent posted a photo of the shirt to Facebook:

“I would like to know what happened to dress codes and school rules??” said Chandy Lewis,  a parent at the school. “Why would someone be allowed to wear this to school and not be told to change it? Just horrible.”

While Baltimore County Schools prohibit clothing that is disruptive to the school environment, including “plainly offensive” clothes, it doesn’t specifically ban things like the Confederate flag.

“Why would his parents let him wear it from the jump, knowing it was going to lead to something crazy,” said parent Lashawn Holmes.

Officials claimed  “there was a fight of some sort,” but did not provide additional details about the incident.

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