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Trump fails miserably with natural disaster prep, Takes out time to launch childish personal attack on Obama

Donald Trump has always very clearly been jealous of all things Barack Obama. In fact, his entire policy and agenda as President seems to be to undo everything that Obama did as President. He constantly tweets about Obama, frequently taking credit for Obama’s successes and lying about how his are greater so far.

On Monday, Trump held a press conference about preparations for Hurricane Florence as it nears the eastern coast, and for just a moment, it seemed as if he was actually going to make it through it while being relatively presidential and professional.  Then, in a sudden turn, it became clear that Obama’s incredible speech last week had really gotten in Trump’s head.

Trump is desperately trying to show America that he’s being presidential, particularly after his last botched effort from a natural disaster. Trump posted multiple tweets just hours ago to show that he was working on hurricane prep, which included a tweet about his alleged phone calls with the Governors in affected areas of the storm, followed by photos of him in the oval office.

Then, he just couldn’t help himself any longer. He had to take out time to attack Obama.

Just minutes after saying he was working with Governors, Trump took time to post an attack video on Obama. Trump claims be taking Hurricane Florence seriously, but clearly not serious enough to put aside his personal hate for Obama for a day while trying to prevent people from losing their from the storm. Trump is clearly only focus on himself. Sad.

The more you see and hear Trump, the more and more unhinged he seems.  The man is as completely obsessed or even more obsessed with Obama than he is with Hillary Clinton, and he can’t let that go either.

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