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Trump makes catastrophic mistake, Spills to lawyer he had no attorney-client privilege with

Donald Trump has never had attorney-client privilege with lawyer Ty Cobb. When Trump put Cobb on the White House payroll, it defined their relationship in a new way, not the typical client-attorney situation.

It was obvious that if Trump confessed anything to Cobb, he was legally required to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It appears that this is exactly what has happened.

The new book by Bob Woodward exposes a conversation between Donald Trump and former attorney John Dowd.

In this conversation, Dowd told Trump that he never had attorney-client privilege with Cobb and Trump responded “Jesus.”

Trump’s response proves he didn’t realize this and there’s a good chance he’s told Cobb things he now regrets.

Ty Cobb is required by law to pass along anything Trump has said to him to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. We don’t have any proof that this conversation has happened yet, but all signs point to it has or it will anytime. Cobb won’t go to prison to protect Trump, so he’s known all along what he was going to have to do.

Trump obviously didn’t know this was how it would play out and his reaction clearly tells us there’s something he does not want out. Woodward’s book has been eye opening for all of us, but we know none of this is coming as a surprise to Special Counsel Mueller.

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