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Trump makes public accusation against Hillary Clinton involving Russia

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Trump makes public accusation against Hillary Clinton involving Russia

This week, Donald Trump discussed a wide array of topics with the Associated Press including the Russian election hacking. The interview was a bit all over the place, covering a lot of hot-button issues ranging from Paul Manafort to Saudi Arabia.

When questioned about Manafort, Trump wouldn’t say whether or not he would pardon him. Instead, he said :

“Do you know these Russian hackers you’re talking about from Moscow? They have nothing to do with me. How many people are they? Only 28 people? They have nothing to do with me. They were hackers from Moscow. Some of them supported Hillary Clinton. They had nothing to do with me. You look at all the stuff, it’s just nothing to do with me.”

Any number of hackers is alarming, but there is no proof that they had anything to do with Hillary Clinton. Trump continues to push the idea that the Russians worked with Clinton to influence the election, but the fact that Trump won the election doesn’t really help his case on that argument.

The Seattle Times says:The Mueller indictment offers no evidence or reason to believe that the Russian effort was intended to help elect Clinton — quite the opposite. Some anti-Trump messaging tied to Russians was indeed disseminated online, but investigators believe the motive was to spread confusion and discord in the campaign, not to elect her.”

It’s also interesting that the Justice Department just announced yet another indictment. This time, a Russian woman, Elena Khuyaynova, was indicted for conspiracy to defraud the United States in an effort to “sow discord in the U.S. political system.”

Instead of being concerned that another country has attacked the U.S., Trump tried to turn the tables away from himself and blame President Obama and the fact that he “didn’t spend a coin to stop it.”

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