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Two of Brett Kavanaugh’s biggest defenders just withdrew their support

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Two of Brett Kavanaugh’s biggest defenders just withdrew their support

With Deborah Ramirez coming forward as Brett Kavanaugh’s second accuser over past sexual misconduct, it seems the attention of at least two Kavanaugh defenders was caught, as a report from the New Yorker is indicating they have now withdrawn their support.

After previously signing a statement along with four others that was issued by Kavanaugh’s legal team in order to dispute Ramirez’s claim, Louisa Garry and Dino Ewing have decided they no longer want their names attached to that statement.

According to Ronan Farrow, both Garry and Ewing “approached The New Yorker after the publication of this article and asked that their names be removed from the statement, saying that they did not wish to dispute Ramirez’s claims.”

“I never saw or heard anything like this,” Garry said. “But I cannot dispute Ramirez’s allegations, as I was not present.”

“I also was not present and therefore am not in a position to directly dispute Ramirez’s account,” Ewing added.

Regardless, for Louisa Garry, who had recently been seen in television commercials in support of the Kavanaugh nomination, to be abandoning him now in the wake of the Ramirez claim has made a splash in Washington.

As Farrow points out in his update, with Garry and Ewing removing their names, it looks as if the only people still standing by the pro-Kavanaugh statement are two guys who are accused of having participated in the Kavanaugh-Ramirez incident, the wife of one of the guys, and one other classmate. And quite frankly, that doesn’t look good.

Obviously, Brett Kavanaugh has taken note of this as well, as he participated in a Fox News interview hoping to clear his name. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very convincing, and it may be too little, too late.

With the nomination now falling apart by the minute, and some of his own biggest supporters now making a point of pulling away from him, all eyes were on his. Kavanaugh opted to take the few chips he had left and bet them all on the notion that he could use the interview to shift public perception in his favor.

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