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White House Leaks Private Comments by Brett Kavanaugh About Scandal

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White House Leaks Private Comments by Brett Kavanaugh About Scandal

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, is reportedly involved in a staged trial-run of his questioning before the Senate Judicial Committee regarding his alleged sexual misconduct as a teenager.

The questions arose from the accusation that Kavanaugh attempted to drunkenly rape Christine Blasey Ford when the two were at a high school party in the early 80s.

Leaks from the White House reveal that Kavanaugh is having trouble with questions regarding his drinking and sexual behavior in the practice run:

But Kavanaugh grew frustrated when it came to questions that dug into his private life, particularly his drinking habits and his sexual proclivities, according to three people familiar with the preparations, who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. He declined to answer some questions altogether, saying they were too personal, these people said.

“I’m not going to answer that,” Kavanaugh said at one point according to a senior White House official, who said that the questions were designed to go over the line and that he struck the right tone.

The same sources described Kavanaugh as “incredibly frustrated” by the questioning, but that he has no intention of dropping out of the confirmation process and withdrawing his nomination.  The White House apparently also has no plans to withdraw Kavanaugh’s nomination at this time.

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