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Witness Comes Forward After Being Told, “Take this to Mueller” by Lawyer

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Witness Comes Forward After Being Told, “Take this to Mueller” by Lawyer

Reports are surfacing that Cambridge Analytica, where Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon was a board member, had the infamous Clinton emails more than a month before Wikileaks published them right before the 2016 election.

The Spectator reports:

Then there’s Cambridge Analytica. The (now shuttered) British company did the Trump campaign’s data. Its speciality was ‘microtargeting’: individual messages tailored to individual voters, delivered by email, Facebook and Twitter. The US intelligence agencies believe that Russian internet ‘troll factories’ were also pushing out pro-Trump propaganda on social media: sometimes fake news, sometimes real news, such as the hacked contents of Clinton’s emails. The question is whether this was done in coordination with the Trump campaign. An American lawyer I know told me that he was approached by a Cambridge Analytica employee after the election. They had had the Clinton campaign emails more than a month before they were published by WikiLeaks: ‘What should I do?’ Take this to Mueller, the lawyer replied.

Attorney Seth Abramson explains why that matters:

2/ Steve Bannon was on the Cambridge Analytica board, and apparently Cambridge Analytica had the Clinton emails. And Bannon arranged Erik Prince’s Breitbart interview on the Clinton emails 96 hours before the election (see my pinned tweet). Bannon just got very interesting again.

3/ Paul Wood is the BBC correspondent who discovered, in January 2017, that the CIA had confirmed the existence of multiple kompromat tapes of Trump (in Putin’s possession). I begged U.S. media to listen to Wood; no one did. Now he has another major scoop. Will U.S. media listen?

4/ And here’s a related question: if U.S. media does now take Wood seriously on the Cambridge Analytica story, will it go back and take him seriously on his CIA story for the BBC in January 2017, which story confirms that Putin has kompromat tapes on Trump (according to the CIA)?

5/ Wood suggests a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower may have gone to Mueller months ago with info about Trump’s data operation having access to Clinton’s emails during the campaign. If Mueller had this long ago, what are the chances Bannon *lied to the FBI* and Mueller knows it?

6/ If the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower is right, Putin floated the idea of leaking Clinton’s emails to Papadopoulos (April 2016), lured Don Jr. to a sanctions meeting using them (June), then may have finally handed them over (August) once Trump guaranteed sanctions relief.

7/ If the BBC’s Paul Wood says a trusted source of his was told something, I believe that source was told what the source says he was told. The only question is if the whistleblower told the lawyer the truth—but the chances s/he lied while under attorney-client privilege are low.

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